Photo Blog 1

These are pictures of my first couple months in Ecuador featuring Fellows, families, and Ecuadorian nature.

The banner is from a road trip I took with my family and their families to Puyo in the Pastaza province.

2. The view of Mt. Chimborazo from the rooftop of my house.

3. One of my workplaces: the school, La Escuela Milenio.

4. A trip to Lake Atillo with Fellows Alcy, Bailey, and Alcy’s co-worker/our guide, Angel.

5. A trip to Baños with Fellow Alea and her family.

6. Christmas tree in our house in Guano.

7. My sister and I at a fútbol game in downtown Riobamba.

8 and 9. Other workplace: Centro Gerontológico

10. My family and I at a Baptism ceremony for a neighbor’s baby.

11 and 12. Students from my school. I don’t teach them, as they are older grade levels.