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The language in the city

I want to leave from my bridge year with a modified expat version of,´´ Sex in the City´´ restructured as,“ Language in the City,“ experience. I want to have experiences with interesting people whilst meeting interesting people. I want to go to work and have that inauthentic breathing in of my fresh ready to start my day with a smile attitude. I want to continue to have the small miscommunications that lead to the unison laughter shared by my entire family. The first time this happened was when I accidentally placed an aluminum bowl in microwave for two minutes and as I checked to see if my beans and rice were done being warmed and in finding a disappointing bowl of cold food was going to place it back into the microwave when my mother miraculously appeared out of nowhere yelling, “no,no,no…. bomb,“ with her hands expressing a huge explosion. The second time I accidentally called my second host mom a bitch on the first day when trying to pronounce the difference in saying beach and bitch in English.

In continuing my theme of the, “ Sex in the City,“ lifestyle I want to find my black Manolo Blahnik shoes in street fair food and handmade jewelry. I hope to continue to get lost and find a little jazz bar that has a je ne sais quoi atmosphere but that´s a little much, just good music,people , and conversation will suffice. Although a little dangerous, I love getting lost around the city. I love the idea of being lost most because coming from a small town nestled in the middle of an actual desert everything is there, there are no new places to discover and no new people. In order to have fun I have to drive hours to reach the fun cities and sometimes I go bone hunting alone. Now instead of bone hunting I hunt for the feeling of being a lone individual who´s phone just died and must find his own way home through the urban jungle, but stops at the pastel place before beginning the journey because it's cheap, and the journey is long.

I hope to add the Christ the Redeemer as my third wonder in trying to complete my goal of visiting the 7 world wonders before I turn 27. I wish to have conscious moments with the people that i´ve become connected to through this shared experience. In crafting my own experience to be the most enriching and mentally changing I have taken every opportunity that the city has offered from receiving calluses from swinging off bars in the gym in an attempt to do Parkour, eating at Totopos with Isabel trying to find authentic Mexican food, and catering to the growth of my physical appearance and mind with the non stressed filled time that I have here. Living here and being happy with everything makes me think of Mr.T´s quote,“ I PITY THE FOOL,“ because I pity the fool that lives a complacent life with routine and stress and the non existent need for anything more than the one minute button on the microwave, the change of the channel, and the morning commute in the commuter car. I don't know how my future is going to go, honestly terrified to go back to America to start life and where that will take me, because there is always the possibility of myself becoming the dreaded commuter  from the suburb outside the city but I raise my glass of apple cider in the air to allow my intentions to go into the air to infuse my cider with my aspirations to help for a non commuter future. Also, cider because alcohol is illegal for 18 year olds in America so until 21 I´ll be raising aspiration filled cider at important events.

Emotions : Fear, excitment, uncertainty, and lust