Galen Tsongas - Ecuador

July 20, 2012

I am human. My nature is peace, chillness, and love. Why does no one help each other in this city of mine? Why are people more content with material objects, and less with living? I’m from San Francisco, California, where I’ve lived for 18 years. I’ve been surrounded by ignorance and hate all my life and have rarely seen acts of kindness out of love. The people are afraid. I see it everywhere; no one talks to anyone, or makes eye contact with anyone who isn’t a part of their sub-cultural bubble. I want to help anyone who needs it, and love anyone who needs love. I want to embrace all life within the cradle of my being. I act because it’s the only family that I feel close too, and the only family that ever supports me. I draw because I can express anything I feel into an imagination in any shape… It’s one of my only true freedoms. When it’s a nice day, I longboard in SF with my beautiful friends who always accept who I am. Who am I? I suppose I am who I choose to be, and appear however someone perceives me. (Microsoft Word hates my writing…. I’m told that everything is wrong). Ah… There is something I forgot. I love nature. Nature. If a god can be believed in, it is earth. I drink the waters of earth, breath the air, walk, live, love, eat, sleep, and am happy, all on earth. Mother Earth supports my life, and I support hers. Love is why I am undertaking this challenging journey… Love and compassion. I will let this experience change me so I can change the world through happiness and love…. And peace, because peace is love and love is the connection in every living being.

Galen Tsongas