My Road to Senegal

Every life begins with a birth, and ends with a death. Everyone will get to the end eventually, but the exciting part happens along the way. There are an unbelievable number of roads to take, and yet everyone forges a new path; they define their life and they decide how to get to the end. I understand a bit about my path and where I am headed, but I want to understand where everyone else is going. While standing on my road I can remember where I have been and yet only see a little bit ahead of me. But for every fellow traveler that I cross paths with I will learn from their journey and use their experiences to shape my future experiences. I recently met a fork in my road: to college, or not to college? That was the question. I suppose it is pretty clear as to which path I chose now but not too long ago it was quite a difficult decision. It really came down to if I wanted to make a difference now, or later. I figured going to college would help me, but wouldn’t really help others yet. And I’ll get there one day, so why rush!? Without a doubt, I know that I have made the right decision to go to Senegal, and I’m sure that it will be a long 8 months away from home, but this is really just the beginning. I’m not too worried about it all because I heard this nice little saying once: “You can get anywhere that you want, one footstep at a time.”¬†And that is my plan: to keep on stepping!