My return from closing

When I came home my brother was out side and seen me and Said aye I missed you then we hugged and asked how was my stay away. my pops was watching soccer as usual at 8pm when I said his name he lit up with a hug smile and said my name he asked me how I was and I asked him where all the rest of the family was. Then I started to watch tv then my mom came back from buying bread and when she seen me she was really happy to. But then I noticed well not really notice she made it clear she was in pain in her arm so I gave her Advil because I know I’m not gonna use it and i don’t know how much it cost to buy some in here. But I guess it’s flu season because everyone is sick. So I help my mom make dinner for everyone today also. Family is people you care about and I care about my host family so much and I know they feel the same. I’m happy there was no weirdness when I came even tho I left one home I just went to another somewhere else. Can’t wait to see all you guys in 2 months at our next catch. And thanks for reading. chow
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