My Promises

As I am currently staying in my host family finally starting the adventure that I have waited over 160 days for, it still somehow feels surreal for me. However, I thought it would be nice to make a post on how I am able to cope with homesickness, or actual sickness to make sure that I stay true to the promises that I have given myself. 
I promised myself three things: 
  1. It's alright to feel down, but just don't let that consume you.
  2. Always express how you are feeling don't bottle things up because they will explode like a volcano.
  3. Laugh at yourself- You are not going to become fluent over night it takes time and practice so have fun with it! If you are on travel and feeling a bit over whelmed here are a few things that help me personally. 
1. Yoga- This has become my mindfullness activity that I do with my sister because it allows me to focus on one thing to not allow myself to stress too much
2. MONOPOLY- This game is my family's favourite so I bought the board game to play with my family in Ecuador. It was so fun and kept my mind occupied. 
3. Walks. A lot of walks. – Somtimes walking alone or with a family is a good way to calm down and realise what you are doing is awesome!
4. Friends and Family- I am so blessed to have an awesome hub where I can call anyone about anything and they will be able to talk to me (#roséallday). Also talking to friends and family abroad helps as well.