My Hindi Journey

My Hindi Journey

One of my goals when I set out for India was to learn a language. I
believed that language and culture are linked at their core, and that it is
often difficult to understand one without the other. So, I wanted to make
learning Hindi a central part of my experience here. Since then, I’ve had
so many incredible experiences speaking and learning this beautiful,
ancient language. Although most of these experiences have come from
speaking Hindi, the simple joy of having a conversation with a stranger in
a previously unfamiliar language, I’ve also taken an interest to reading
and writing. Here’s a short paragraph I wrote about my life in India near
the beginning of the year:

भारत के मेरे अनुभव.

मै चार महीने से मोतियो के शहर मे रहता हू। हैदराबाद मे मै बहुत सारे अलग-अलग
दिलचस्प लोगो से मिला। मुझे लगता है कि दुनिया के सबसे मिलनसार लोग भारत मे
रहते है। मै इस शहर मे एक होस्ट परिवार के साथ रहता हू, और उन्होने अपनी
जिन्दगी मेरे साथ बाण्टी। उनके कारण अभी मै आसानी से घूम सकता हू। यहा मेरे दो
भाई है, और मुझे उनके साथ फ़िल्म देखना और खेल खेलना अच्छा लगता है। मेरा
मनपसन्द खेल बैडमिण्टन है।

मै हैदराबाद मे काम भी करता हू। मै खैरताबाद के एक स्कूल मे सिखाता हू। हमारी
कक्शा मे पैतालीस विद्यार्थी है। पढाना थोडा मुश्किल है, लेकिन मै अपने बच्चो
से प्यार करता हू, तो मजा आता है।

My India Experience

I have been living in the city of pearls for four months. I have met many
different interesting people in Hyderabad. It seems to me that the
friendliest people in the world live in India. In this city, I live with a
host family, and they have shared their lives with me. Because of them I
can now travel around the city with ease. I also have two brothers here,
and I like watching movies and playing games with them. My favorite game is

I also work in Hyderabad. I teach at a school in Khairtabad. Our class has
45 students. Teaching is a little bit difficult, but I love my children, so
I enjoy it.

Lately, I have also been interested in reading Hindi magazines and news
stories, and recently visited a used book market and bought a collection of
Hindi stories by Premchand, one of the most well-known writers of Hindi
novels and essays. They’re still a little advanced for me, but I hope I
will be able to take them home with me and not let this interest stop once
I leave India.
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