My first blog post

Hi there! I’ve spent the past few days here at the GCY training and it’s been amazing. It’s only been a couple of days in the program and I’ve already learned an overwhelming amount of information. It was a lot to take in, but it has definitely gotten me excited for Ecuador. It’s something I’m glad for because it helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my decision to take a bridge year.

I remember that I had some doubts before coming here to Petaluma. Most of this came from my decision to do something different instead of following the traditional path to college. I was used to hearing the status quo of just going straight to college after high school. So I often asked myself if this was the right choice for me. It wasn’t something I knew for sure until now. Now, I feel that this is the best choice I have made because it is a once and a lifetime opportunity that will add to my education and growth. It’s something I know that will help me gain a broader perspective of how I’ll see and address issues in the world, and also to further understand what I want to contribute to life.

When I arrive to Ecuador, I look forward to learning about the cultures and issues there. I can’t wait to do many things, like getting to know my host family and working in my apprenticeship. I also hope that whatever I can do there will help the host community in some significant way. I’m not sure what that will be yet, but I’m hoping that it will be a positive impact.

There are so many more thoughts coming into mind, that it’s almost impossible to know what to expect. Whatever it will be, I’m certain that it will all be an unforgettable experience.