my first attempt at entertaining you

My name is William Kershner and after living in Palo Alto, CA for eighteen years, I’ll be living in Ecuador for one year. Compared to everyone else from Palo Alto nothing in my life has been unique…until now… I’ve progressed through thirteen years of public education with plans to attend a four year college. I’m still attending that four year college, but I’ll be doing this Global Citizen Year thing first or whatever.

Up until sophomore year in high school I was the kid that thought he was funny, slacked off in class, and had huge procrastination issues regarding his responsibilities. I flipped a switch junior year and became someone who excelled in the classroom, gave up on trying to be funny because I knew I wasn’t, and well…still had huge procrastination issues.

All this leads up to me going through junior and senior year of high school with no real aspirations for the future. I guess you could say I was capable of doing anything I wanted, however, I didn’t want much besides my computer and the Netflix password. So when it came time to apply for college and decide what to do for the next couple of years of my life I was lost. I didn’t have any desire of my own to do anything so I just borrowed from the path everyone takes. I was stoked to be going to college that’s for sure. I simply had no idea what I wanted to do there.