My final Blog: Family in Ecuador through photos

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First part of our journey in Ecuador, this was the last time we were all together before our site assignments.
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My first host family in Ecuador my mother Tanya and her sister.
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Me and my primas y hermana Anahi on the way to the discoteca.
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My host mother Olga, host father Fabio, host sister Sabina and dog Toby.
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The Norther Spanish teachers Noemi and Luis.
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My  friend Antoinette's Cousin and Grandmother making empanadas
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My cohort at Ayampe on Thanksgiving.
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My family in San Antonio after the wood carving competition during carnival.
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With our host Hector and Amparo in the Amazon
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When my family came and we went to the Galapagos.
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At our going away party with my Tia.