I’d like toshare withyou an excerpt of a blog published onmy 18th birthday, two weeks before I left for Ecuador:

Emotions ‰ÛÒ passionate love, sorrow, elation, confusion, and any feeling in between ‰ÛÒ can be translated from music into everyone’s emotional language, as long as one is listening with an open heart.

I am ready to listen. I am eager to dance. I yearn to laugh, cry, and sing out, sharing my energy with the world. I have been living comfortably, beating with the rhythm I have grown up singing to, and I am excited to leap into an unknown time signature. I am ready for 8/28.

You’re expecting the catch ‰ÛÒ I can sense it. That challenge, posing adversity to the heroine in her climactic journey. Or even reality, setting in on the young adventurer.

Well, I challenge thatthe real world” will take away my opportunistic mentality. My story begins with happiness and an open mind and an open heart. Adversity will come