Memories Abroad

Being back home for about a month now (actually back in my town, not just being back to the states) I have been thinking a lot about how this past year has felt a lot like just a dream. I have had to fight this consistently as I there are valuable people, realizations, and lessons I learned that have shaped the newly grown person I am today. As a result I make sure to often reflect on physical memories I brought home. My favorite being a scrapbook that my Teach for India mentor and students made for me that I have since added to. I also lean on my friendships I made while in country. This keep me grounded and help to remember that this past year in India was real and had a real impact on me. The people who were on the journey with me taught me some of the most valuable lessons while I was there. I like to remember this happiness with a vlog one of my fellow fellows and I co-created from our travels whilst there.