Meet Alejandro Jose

Wednesday , March 7. 2018


Long time no see,
let me catch up with what happened in the previous weeks.

On new year's eve I
was with the family and the extended family, had an amazing time especially
because we had our own fireworks. During the night with my cousins we went to
the city center where people went crazy, everybody was dressed up in funny
clothes, and people were ready to celebrate. This amazing atmosphere was
present in all  the "lugares".
Later on the night we went back to the Casa del tia, where all my family was
celebrating.  The night passed by quickly
and all a sudden you hear TRES DOS UNO …….. FELIZIDADES, Happy New year! I was
kinda panicking, because I wasn`t ready to move to the next year ….. It can`t
be over , we just started 2017 few months ago , I clearly remember when we just
started 2017, I was in Bosnia and Hercegovina, with my friends on a roof…… I
was telling myself. I had no time to keep thinking, because the fireworks
started. It was beautiful, not the fireworks, but the idea that`s I am here in
South America, with these random people that I call my family, celebrating
together the achievements of this year. My cousin Sebastian came up to me to
cheer me, we both said Feliz Ano Nuevo, and after he gave me a hug. A very long
one. I was speechless, a lot of emotions rushed through my head, making me
realize how important these people are for me. They are more than just a host
family. The following days this though was in my mind, not letting me sleep or
think clearly. The fear of getting to attached changed, and I wanted to get
attached more than ever.

the days pass by quickly, something big happens on the first weeks of January,
that I can`t tell you about, but it`s something amazing, and very nice.

Spanish became
easier than ever, I could finish a small street conversations , without anyone
noticing I am not from here.

I felt like I made a
nice life here, I had my friends, my routine, I loved the culture, and I was
one of them. 

Big jump, we are on carnival! An Amazing holiday in the second week of
February, were everyone just wet everyone else with water. A lot of parades,
amazing food, and everyone is happy and wet. It`s just amazing how nobody
minded getting wet on the street from random people. The atmosphere is just
indescribable. My host mom said one of the nicest thing about this event. She
said, its and amazing festival, because it`s so simple. Both the rich and poor
can have fun, the young and the old, everybody is happy and smiling, because
there is no money involved. Her opinion was meaningful, made me love the carnival
even more.


But now enough of
this emotional talk , and let`s talk about the topic.

and gentleman let me introduce Alejandro Jose Francisco Andrade Vargas, or just
as everyone calls him: Alejandro Jose. You might now him on his previous name,
Hamid. So who is this man?  Alejandro
arrived to Ecuador on the 4th of September. When he got here, he didn`t know
that he is about to go through an amazing journey, that will change his
lifestyle , the way he thinks and the culture he follows. The music was the
first thing that affected him, without understanding the lyrics he was a fan of
reggaetón and other Spanish songs. He was singing it more than the natives.
Later on the year He started texting in Spanish, when he laughs he writes
"jajajaja". He cuts words and use informal grammar. He watches movies
in Spanish, the memes that he shares with his friend and cousins are in
Spanish. He even uses ecua-time, his humor style is way more relaxed. When he
talks he is very exp
resive, a lot
of hand gestures. He thinks in Spanish, he talks in Spanish, he dances like a
latino.  Slowly he realized he adopted to
this culture more than he though. He found the Ecuadorian in his self. But he
didn`t minded , in fact he loved  it. Now
he tries to perfect this culture in him as much as possible, and tries
everything to stay with this culture forever. 
He is an Azogeno, Canarito from Ecuador. Who will always return to this
place, and make sure that wherever he goes he brings his new culture with