Más Mani porfavor (More peanut butter please)

As time evolves so does the peanut butter project “Más Mani porfavor“. This week we made about 5 jars which 4 of them were sold for 22 quetzales (about 3 U.S dollars). Out of those 22 quetzales 2 are giving back if the jar is returned. It is incredibly exciting to see things moving along.

IMG_0267For right now our principal customer is the Restaurant “El Descanso” where Shreya (another volunteer at Soluciones Comunitarias) has made veggie Burgers, chow mei and a banana shake with our Peanut butter being the main ingredient. People have been buying all these new plates at the restaurant which is a sign of success for now. Today we had a meeting with our first entrepreneur from the aldea “La Pista” where the Centro Explorativo (our center point) is located. On Saturday we will be giving him a few jars. One of the jars will be a sample for people to try and the other ones are to sell. Our hope is to find other responsible young men (13 to 15 years old) to be entrepreneurs of our project “Más Mani Porfavor”. The entrepreneurs will be enroll at the community center and will be paid 3 quetzales per jar (about 36 U.S cents) which for Guatemalan standards is a fair price. Our final goal is to be able to make these project sustainable. Hopefully everything will work out!