Market Mayhem


No one in this world could’ve ever told me that the color of fruit would be inspiring my days, projects, and styles. When I wake up in the morning to pick 9 different fruits and vegetables that I will be eating in a day to when I take a picture of a mango on my way to work. It is RIDICULOUS. I couldn’t have imagined upon my arrival the beauty in skin, meat, seed or as many refer to as –fruit. Ranging from Granadias, Siguelos, Mangos, Guabas, Pithayas, Tunas, Duraznos, Zanahorias, Pepinos, and Manzanas, to name a few, the assortment of what I wake up at the crack of dawn for to what eventually ends up in my belly is always a sight for sore eyes.

As Libby, Diana, and I make our way through the market, with a slight tap on the shoulder and blink of the eye, either the indication of a fruit I desire or a curiosity for a name I don’t know is also met with a “ Cual quiere?” or “ What do you want?”. Now this may not seem like a very big deal, but after about 50 taps on the shoulder and 15 bags in hand, I am met with the dooming realization that I have to call it a day and walk through the front door leaving the rest of those gorgeous creations for another day. 

Knowing that if I run out during a week day that I can’t make my market run, I am usually pleasantly surprised by the restocking and assembly of my fruits and veggies on the kitchen table. 

I say all of this to say that I love the market. I go crazy when I enter and spend the next 3 hours bargaining for a deal, discovering a pink potato, and figuring out 3 different ways to hold 20 pounds of fruit. 

I still can’t believe I lived without some of these amazing types of fruit for 18 years of my life!!!


And hope to see you in the market