Something Found

Here is a poem I forgot I had written around September of last year, after about a few weeks of being in country. I think I was really hoping to be in an emotional space I wasn't quite in yet. I don't think I really understood it at that point, but reading it now, I feel I am living it. Here it is!

do you hear the people dreaming? all night they lay in their beds with thoughts of another world like their other world but different than our usual world. so strange, so sad. they lay in hope or sit in misery; chained to their beds or their own regrets. but, no longer! do you hear them in the streets? in the trees? can you hear their laughter, do you feel their joy? they are awakening, the dream is over! they must live, now! quick! they’re making art again, they’re making love! do you hear them singing? quick! listen, look! the dreamers are awake!