Little Things

It is really hard to believe that I have been back from India for over a month. As the time as been passing, I’ve been remembering all of the things that I miss.. Specifically it is all of the little things I miss.
Things like:
Having my students stand up when I walk into the classroom and scream “Goodmorning Didi” 
The smiles from the helper didis at school
Fresh hot bhaji(fried onions)
Smiles from the watchman outside the GCY office
Having my students hand me all different types of food during lunch break
Ease of catching a rickshaw
Being able to get across the city in a rickshaw for 180 Rupees(3USD)
The noise on the streets
Bucket showers
Playing cards with friends in the park
Eating Naturals Ice Cream that my Host family brings home
The numerous ways students have tried to spell my name(Caul, Cayal, Kayal, Khayal, Aayal,, etc.)
The Cohort coming together twice a week for Hindi class and hanging out all day afterwards
“Aree Bhaiya”
Speaking Hindi with my Tabla teacher
Mysore Masala Cheese Dosa’s at Vaishali
The lack of traffic rules(that mean you don’t need to stop when cycling)
Eating lunch with my fellow teachers and trying all their subhjis
Watching someone chop the top off of a coconut and then drinking the water inside
Walking down the street and being harassed to buy thing(I will only kinda miss this)
Wearing Kurtas everyday
Seeing a student, Salman, that could not write his name at the beginning of the year to reading CVC words
Pista Katli
Turning the lights on by flipping down 
Nachini Ladoo
Ass blasters
“Horn OK Please”
Bargaining the price down 50%
Medu Vada and Sambar
Getting lunch from the stall outside school for just 20 Rupees(.30 USD)
Seeing students smiles
My almost blind and deaf host grandfather
Aloo Tikki Chat
Going on day trips with my host family 
Seeing another student, Sneha, who wouldn’t really study, and was unable to read dedicate herself to studying and be able to write amazing sentences