Anvy Tran

January 9, 2013

I am the whimsical child of uninhibited Chaos and graceful Mutability.  

Great Chaos, whose company I am the most comfortable in. I am understood by you. To be filled with madness as we are; this exhilaration that keeps the mind awake.

For others you are terror, but when I see your constant dance of freedom, I only feel my own liberation. I know you understand what it is like to have boundless determination, to see with a mind of no limits.

But most of all, I delight in our friendship because we can have joy and tranquility amidst uncertainty. For within your presence, within the thousands of years of wisdom that radiates, I cannot dwell in ambiguity but consent to mysteries.

Sweet Mutability, in an endlessly, soft stream, I feel you flowing throughout my being.

I am a fleeting embodiment of you. You, who creates swift acceptance that is essential to the nature of my curiosity. You have adorned me with a gracious flexibility that opens me to infinite ideas, solutions, and possibilities. All this hope! Oh, how light on my feet I feel. I am thrilled to see life from the many different perspectives that my changeability brings. To continual take on new figures, shapes, and modulations; I feel the ability to create much from little. This restless, ever-evolving nature is the result of being your daughter.

For, I am Spontaneity, a spirit with an unconstrained, impulsive complexion. I know the bravery of forsaking rooted principles when times call for them to change, the joys of abandoning well thought out solutions when better ones present themselves. I do not know how to restrain what comes naturally; do not know the fear of change, nor do I understand the stubbornness to remain the same. I am terribly claustrophobic. I am happiness in a state of freedom of mind and body. I accept my forever shifting ideals, moods, and feelings which are the result of assimilating new information and auras. I am free.

Anvy Tran