Levar água

Ok this shouldn’t be that bad
Wait this might be harder than i thought
No No there has to be an easier way. Yes, that’s what it is I’m doing it wrong
This should work. Better
Ah I feel pain again
Ok I need a break
Let’s look back and see how far I’ve gotten
Oh Man, I barely went anywhere, less than 5 feet
No, I have to keep going. Can’t let anyone see me struggle like this
“Look at the American struggle to carry water.” Or they would say
“Olhar para a luta americana para levar água”
I don’t think so I will not be the laughing stock of my community
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ok 5 steps more, 4 steps more, 3 steps more, 2 more
steps, 1 more step
I can do this
Why does this walk seem longer than before?
Maybe I passed my house. No my house is the last house on the road
My feet hurt and these rocks are making it worst
Will I have to do this every night? Lord please no
Ok I’m getting closer
The closer I get to my house the more the water falls and at this point
It’s evidently on me
I see my house I think
I think I might take less showers while here. Yes, I will
This is the last break, I have to keep moving
I’m better than this
But this bucket is heavy and I’m getting wet
Oh man there is somebody watching
Smile, hide the pain “Oi Boa Noite”
The act is up, the pain is now written all over my face
Home, sweet home
Look at me
I’ve lost 1/5 of the product i started with and it has found a new home
On my clothes
My bed clothes are now soaked
Well I made it! I’ll do better next time
I have five months here I’ll be a pro by next month

First experience carrying water – 1/5 of the water I started with +
newly developed body pain + new appreciation for water = A Night Shower