Las Cataratas

Complimenting Zuleika’s blog post from last week, we spent this Monday in a town passed Vi Chibala called Santa Averina doing publicity for a campaign for Soluciones Comunitarias (we do publicity a few days before returning for a campaign when we bring the water purifiers, reading glasses, and other health products for sale). Usually, we just walk around town and hand out fliers describing the event; the free eye exams and such. In Santa Averina, however, we did our whole publicity in the market, where hundreds of women shopped in their traditional garb.

Following this, we found out that the town has a waterfall: “do you want to go?” My initial thought went something like “mehh, waterfall…” But, realizing it would probably be my only opportunity, I agreed to check it out.

After we walked fifteen minutes or so, we began to hear the roar of tumbling water. Turning a corner, I about lost my breath. Expecting the falls to be 20 feet or so, I was beyond shocked to see the picturesque falls stretching high into the sky in a microclimate rainforest – absolutely gorgeous. Moving closer, the falls simply appeared more and more magnificent.

I suppose the moral is to never turn down an opportunity to see cataratas?

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