Just A Shy Distance

I have never written a blog, which has made this first post a bit difficult to write, but here I am writing my first blog post. The same blog post that should have been written months ago! One of the hardest thing about writing blogs is finding things that you think that others will actually find interesting, but what I am realizing is that the art of blog creation can be all about you and your interests.So this first post will encompass what I am looking forward to in India. Well the first thing I can honestly say I cannot wait for is the delicious food I will be introduced to (also, accompanied with a case of Delhi belly, but that's just a natural part of the experience, right?). Second, I am looking forward to seeing the many diverse faces of India, and merely getting to know the people. Along with getting to know the people, this also includes getting to know their language and culture. When embarking on a journey like the  one GCY offers, one must take on the perspective as a visitor in the prospective country. As a visitor, it is my job to try my best to learn from and grow from my surroundings. As rich in culture India is I am sure that the country has more than enough to share with outsiders. Being so rich in culture, India  is bound to have a major influence on its visitors. I plan to even make a positive impact on my host family and surrounding community.I believe I am ready to take on the challenges India has to offer to a distant foreigner. I am also looking forward to you all watching me grow as a blogger. Blogging presents benefits not only for me, but for you also. Through blogging, people learn how to fearlessly express their opinions, share their stories, and provide insight for others.  This blog has been rather short, but there are longer ones to come. Alvida na kehna! India is just a shy distance away.