Jacklyn Joy Byrd - Ecuador

September 22, 2011

I keep postponing my blog writing until I can say something truly profound and mind-altering, but I just can’t wait any longer!

Most of the things I’ve experienced so far are the love of Ecuadorians. From short to tall, from Quito to Cayambe, I’m always met with excitement and a warm presence.

This is my fifth day in the city of Cayambe where I will live and learn for 6 months after the final two weeks of training in Quito. My family here happily greets me with hugs and affirmations, and even walks me to the store to get medicine for my upset stomach.

The kids here are so energetic. From my young cousins to the kids I’ve met at a nearby school, they all want to play. My cousin, who can easily say Jay sometimes calls me “Jakydoodoo” (I’m not sure of the spelling, but it’s pronounced ‘Jockey-du-du’).  Being an optimist I consider this a compliment and a term of endearment.

Sure, this isn’t too profound and probably won’t cause some international phenomenon. But the positivity of family keeps me going during the homesickness and culture shock.

Until next time, much love and gratitude to all of you readers from Jakydoodoo!


Jacklyn Joy Byrd