Introducing Esteban Sanchez

Esteban Alexis Salinas Sanchez was my host brother. He is 13 years old, and is a student in the high school next to our house.


My dad moved to the United States when I was 4 months old, and my mother when I was two. They left me and my older sister here in Sigsig with our grandmother.

I didn’t see my mother for 7 years, and my father for 10. She came back to Sigsig when I was 9, and my father when I was 10. I remember we went to meet her in the airport, she got off the plane and hugged us. She told us “I am never going to leave again what is mine, if we go we go together.” My father also I remember arriving; he arrived, hugged us, and said that the journey was really long for him.

I want to go to Brazil to meet Neymar, Argentina to meet Messi, Uruguay for Suarez, and United States just to travel, like to Disney!


Mi padre se fue cuando tenía 4 meses, y mi mamá cuando tenía 2. Yo y mi hermana nos quedamos con mi abuela.

No vi a mi madre por siete años, y mi padre por diez. Me acuerdo que cuando ella regresó, fuimos a el aeropuerto a verle. Ella nos abrazó y nos dijo que “Nunca más voy a dejar lo que es mio, si nos vamos, nos vamos juntos.” Tres años después mi padre llegó, nos abrazó y solo dijo que fue un viaje muy largo.

Quiero viajar a Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, y Estados Unidos. En Argentina está Messi, Brasil está Neymar, Uruguay está Suarez, y quiero ir a Estados Unidos solo para conocer, a Disney!

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