I’m Here

Well, it happened. I’m here. I am officially in my permanent homestay In San Bartolomé, Azuay, Ecuador.

Right now my life consists of never-ending laughter with my host nephews, working with the best apprenticeship supervisor ever (looking at you, José), and daily cups of café at an attempt to keep me warm ( which unfortunately don’t really succeed in doing so). With that being said, I am content and excited to see where this little, rural farming village takes me. 

Apart from that, just a reminder that I have been here for a little over a month now! Time is moving too fast.
Thus, I wanted to share with you a little bit about what that past month has consisted of.
Here is a link to a video I made. Clips were taken from my time at Pre-Departure Training, our free time in Quito, and a little bit of our journey to where we currently reside. Hope you enjoy.
Also, pictured is my beautiful lil’ niece Rafaela and my favorite spot of the house: the view from my backyard!!!  Ugh how cute is she :’)
Hasta Pronto,