I’d Rather Speak the 1000

For anyone reading this blog who knows me, you might say that I’ve always
been a quite… conversational… human being. In the last learning seminar,
the Brazil cohort discussed “alternative” story-telling methods, forcing us
to reject our instincts and tell stories with minimal verbal input. As a
person who would rather speak the 1000 words over sharing a picture any
day, I found it really intimate to tell a story without words. I ended up
showing pictures on my phone that I had no intent to share with the world:
pictures of scenery, food, and other very generic photos that I *still *would
never show anyone. However, they conveyed my message in a way that I hadn’t
trusted them to. I didn’t capture all the complexities behind the event,
but I at least snapped a moment. While I’m still definitely not on the path
to becoming a professional photographer, enjoy this little glance of my
life through images:)