To be humble:

A hugely forgotten act in our fast paced egocentric world. In fact we
are pushed away from the idea, made to discern it. Humility is questioned and
ridiculed, cast aside in the world of pride.


To be humble can be seen as an act of vulnerability, laying down your
sword for the greater good.


Before moving into our host
families, my team leader said, ‘be humble as you walk into their home’. I
nodded in agreement, without knowing what she meant at all, until… Meeting my
new family in Peguche, Otovalo, being welcomed into their home, having a seat
at their table. I felt this overwhelming feeling of surprise and joy, of
another family willingly welcoming a stranger into their most intimate
gatherings. Not only, they also wanted to know about me, about my family, about
my country. Only now can I truly relate to the humility my team leader was


I spent the day with a six year old,
who used a lot of energy and time explaining all of his favourite animals and
how to say them correctly. Annoying when one who can barely walk teaches you
a  language. Humility is a part of my
everyday and an invaluable skill, something I hope to bring forward when I eventually