Hello, Internet

Hello, Internet!

This morning I got up, had some coffee and toast, and was inspired to write this blog post. I’m sitting in my room with my laptop, listening to music, typing, and reflecting over how much my life is about to change. (See the photo above.)


I am a curious person by nature. I’ve always been encouraged to ask questions, first by my parents, and then my larger community and my school. In high school I participated in the IB program, a path of study designed to be more international and to help students to develop a global consciousness. I also volunteered in the youth services section of my favorite neighborhood library and saw the impacts of early literacy and education initiatives. In addition, I did community service work through my youth group. We did everything from cereal drives for our local food bank to raising money to fund scholarships for Guatemalan high school students. Last year I went with the group on a trip to Phoenix, AZ to work with immigrant communities on human rights and social justice issues. I came to understand that introspection, revelation, and service work were inextricably linked. Doing service work forced me to think about my relationships with the people around me and how I fit into the community. I reevaluated my personal experiences in light of coming to better understand those of others and I came home with a clearer understanding of myself and my purpose. Over the last year or so I started thinking more about who I want to be as an adult and as a part of the larger world. I realized that I’m not entirely sure, but asking myself the big questions and participating in the world around me, especially through service, are important first steps. I also realized that I want a firmer idea of my purpose and who I want to be before I go to college and commit time and energy to a set path.


After reading a friend’s Global Citizen Year blog posts over the course of his term, I decided to apply to the program. It seemed like a perfect intersection of self-discovery, adventure, and service. I am excited to be going to the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. I have not received my apprenticeship assignment yet, but I’ll keep you posted!


Here’s to the future!