Kalea Moore - Ecuador

December 5, 2012

To be happy is what we all want in the end right?

Happiness is the state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to joy.

In the last month I have struggled extremely to find contentment and happiness in myself. From homesickness to real sickness its all been very hard.

I find myself lonely the nights I fall asleep before my parents come home (which is very often). I am tired with bags under my eyes because most nights I can’t sleep, con gripe ALL the time and on top of all that homesickness is a pain.  It will be a regular day and something will happen that reminds me of home then BAM homesick. Memories can be your best friend or worst enemy. I feel that sadness is a thing I have gotten to know too well.

But one morning I woke up, looked out my window, took a deep breath and found myself smiling. Believe it or not I felt contentment and genuine happiness.

When I told people I wasn’t happy I was always asked “how can you change that?”  “Is happiness an external or internal thing for you?”

Well I finally found an answer… For me happiness is internal.  To be happy you must personally realize the good things in life, realize the fact that you’re alive, breathing and doing an amazing thing and at the end this is temporary (a long temporary but temporary).

So my question for you guys is what is happiness for you?

Kalea Moore