Feeling the part of an expert, I’ve decided to make a simple guide explaining how to come in contact with Guatemalans that have lived and worked in the States.

  1. Go to Guatemala
  2. Look “American”
  3. Locate any form of public transportation (camionetas or microbuses work fine)
  4. Take aforementioned public transportation
  5. Sit on the driver’s side, as far back in the vehicle as possible
  6. Wait

I kid you not, this plan is foolproof – I’ve successfully used it twice myself. (Okay, maybe not foolproof, but the only times I’ve met Guatemalans that lived in the US occurred this way).

The first time, in Equintla, a man sat next to be and began telling me about his three years spent working in Houston, Texas for a lawn service company. Yesterday, a man in a bus headed to Nebaj recited his tale of being an up-and-coming carpet installation expert in Miami, Florida, before – well – something happened (my Spanish is not that good, give me some slack).

Anyway, if you wanted to know how to find Guat-icans, now you know. Research still needs to be done to see if the opposite is true (i.e. private transportation, front passenger side will lead you to meet Americans that worked in Guatemala – probably not).