From Freedom Riders to Freedom Drivers

In partnership with the University of the Americas (UDLA) and the US Embassy in Quito, Global Citizen Year in Ecuador hosted an event, entitled “From Freedom Riders to Freedom Drivers: Cultivating Young Leaders for Freedom in Ecuador,” to commemorate the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.

The event was held on the UDLA campus in Quito on the first night of the Mid-Term Retreat (January 5th, 2012).  It was the second cultural exchange that has taken place between the Global Citizen Year Fellows and Ecuadorian youth the Embassy’s Young Ambassadors Program and UDLA students .

During the event, the young leaders viewed excerpts from the Public Broadcasting Studio (PBS) documentary film, “Freedom Riders,” and subsequently discussed issues related to cross-cultural leadership for promoting positive social change.

The GCY fellows and staff, UDLA students, Young Ambassadors from the US Embassy Program, and representatives from UDLA and the US Embassy in Quito came together to celebrate MLK's legacy..