First blog post

Living in one place for all of my life, I never have really seen the world. I was always wondering what was out there, and always seeking new adventures. Going to Brazil seems to be the climax of this curiosity, as in less than two weeks, I will be leaving for Salvador, Brazil.

While I am excited to embark on this journey, a certain fear also engulfs me. I am not certain how I will adapt to this new experience, but I know that it will be entertaining to see my progress. Preparing for the trip has been tedious and cumbersome, and I am not sure that I could do any more. I have set out goals for myself that I plan to attack almost immediately, and as I make progress with those goals, I will set out new goals and find more opportunities.

I believe that Global Citizen Year will provide me with the experience to see how far I can push myself, and how much I can grow. Testing my limits will be a main theme around my trip, and the farther I go and push, the more I will take away from this experience.