Extremely late;

<originally written August 25, 2015>Curitiba Not everyone knows how to dance samba,

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We are young, but our minds have already left our bodies searching for more.

We are strong, yet we cry when the chance is given.

We love, forgetting that we all have just met.


Alright I’ll be completely honest, I was extremely nervous to go to Pre-Departure Training, not because I wasn’t ready to leave – I was so ready – but rather because I was afraid I wasn’t going meet the standards. I have the tendency to belittle myself sometimes and it definitely took place as I took my first flight to San Francisco. I made the mistake of creating this imagery in my head that the fellows I would meet were going to be crazy intimidating & not my type of crowd, I just didn’t expect anything from PDT.


-note to self; Don’t ever think like that again-


It feels amazing to say that I was completely wrong, never in my life would I have thought that in just 7 days a group of strangers could just change my life, and as cliche as that sounds, it couldn’t be more true. Never have I felt more in place than I did at the Red Woods; every single soul here connected so easy, & it was so beautiful to see how close we all got from opening up to each other even though we all literally just met. There’s just something so amazing about coming from all around the world, having seen & experienced extremely different things, & yet we all come together as if one.


They say, “great minds think alike”, but this week I’ve come to realize that greater minds think differently, bringing new perspective onto the table for a better outcome.

best wishes to everyone(: