Do you know how to fish?

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January 21st

I often used to go to the beach in Venezuela but I never went fishing. My
Brazilian family is native from Garopaba and they still crave to maintain
their traditions of fishing fish and crabs at the Lagoa near to our house.
These photographic series narrate the visuals of my experiential learning
in front of the ocean with almost no light.

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Tío Victor, who would get more fish than any other men at Barra (per hour)

[image: IMG_7581.JPG]
My Bmom picking the Siri (crab) from the back.

[image: IMG_7597.JPG][image: IMG_7598.JPG]
My Bmom showing me how to know the sex of the Siri. Can you see it?
[image: fish.gif]
Tio Victor emptying the net. As you can see all the fish were small. He
told me that when he was young and Garopaba was a ghost town he would eat
BIG FISHES but he believes that because of overfishing, fishermen even fish
the female species (with eggs) instead of letting them procreate out in the
ocean and therefore, the fish population decreased in the Litoral of Santa

[image: IMG_7589.JPG]
All working together in the effort of not being bitten by a crab in the

[image: IMG_7626.JPG]
In Praia de Barra there are many big summer houses that illuminate the sea.
Since the tie increases sometimes, they owners have had to create
structures so their land does not start been consumed by the ocean.
Wouldn’t have been a smarter move to leave some space in between their
property in the ocean?

[image: IMG_7603.JPG]
This bird has his eyes wide open waiting for a chance to take the fish from
the bucket. At that time, he wasn’t the only predator. We were too.
Silently and Stealthily.
[image: IMG_7622.JPG]
My host sister trying to show the way back to my Bniece, as she was
carefully avoiding the crabs.
[image: IMG_7607.JPG]
In the distance, you can see Ferrugem, the “surfer’s beach” that connects
with Praia de Barra if you cross the Lagoa. Those lights “arrived 20 years
ago, before it was just us and the mountain”, my Bfather said. The water
was warm that evening.