Departing for an Ecuadorian journey

It’s two in the morning, I just finished repacking my luggage, and I still can’t sleep due to my imminent departure. I’m leaving to San Francisco in a couple of hours, but it’s also the beginning of a much more grandiose adventure and it has a name: Ecuador. For the next 9 months, I’ll be in full Spanish immersion with a host family. I will become an integral part of a community, work at an internship and enjoy the everyday rhythm of Latin music. Just the thought of it is amazing, and the fact that my future home’s location is still unknown makes it even more intense. All these elements keep bouncing in my head, while I also try to figure out what parts of that journey I will find challenging. Learning a third language will be hard, but I’m ready as I’ll ever be! And all of this exciting yet mysterious adventure will begin tomorrow. Now it’s twenty past two, and I’m counting the hours… Why is it taking so long!?