Dear All,

Alice Wong - Ecuador

November 23, 2015

Dear All,
It has been a sedate 3-month away from home and everything that has played a significant role in my life. When it comes to blogging, I am often lost for words to condense my experiences and emotions and to possibly reflect on those. In this everchanging world, storytelling is constantly evolving with human culture and technology. The power of visual storytelling is stronger than ever in history. For instance, 300 hours of video was being uploaded to YouTube per minute in 2014. Powerful visuals evoke deeper emotions and encourage a deeper sense of engagement in audience. Naturally I had an idea of vlogging and sharing my life here in Ecuador with my family back in Hong Kong. I have started recording videos since I left home for this 8-month journey. I am truly thankful to everyone in this video who helps constitute part of my most precious memories in these 3 months. And I hope you will like the video as much as I do. 

Alice Wong