Day by Day

       Just when I feel as though I’m done with all the goodbyes, there is someone else that I have to say “see you in 8 months” to. Just when I feel like I’m mentally/emotionally prepared, tears overcome me thinking about the inevitable struggles I will face. Just when I think I’m ready to move across the world to Senegal, something always comes to challenge that idea. 

       Upon arriving at Pre-Departure Training, I felt so confident in my readiness to tackle the week, as well as the next 8 months. By “ready”, I mean that I didn’t forget to pack extra socks, excessive amounts of snacks, and all my pictures of my best friends. The most important thing that I learned at PDT, yet the hardest to conceptualize, was that there is no way to be ready for this bridge year. I can pack as many things from home as I want, but nothing can truly make me 100% ready to move to Senegal. I am incoherently incompetent.

Day by day, I am trying my best to adjust to the thought that I don’t even know what I don’t know. Looking at it now, that is a beautiful thing; I have absolutely no idea what to expect. We will all just have to wait and see what comes my way.