Day 1: First Day at Stanford

To give you guys an idea of what I am doing right now, I am at my desk in my dorm room typing this journal out. No one showed up in my room, so I think I don’t have a roommate. Not having a roommate isn’t actually that bad. As I am an introvert when I get tired, I have really appreciated being able to be by myself and recharge. 

I have met a few people and they have all been extremely nice. It sort of felt like my first day at Menlo in terms of how nice people are here. 

In terms of what I did today, I woke up at 10:00 am and finished some last-minute packing while my mom and brother went to church. We then went to eat at Panda Express (I LOVE Panda Express) and I got dropped off at Stanford. I then put my stuff down in my room and went to get my picture taken. I then explored part of the campus and looked around the bookstore. I then went to a welcome presentation and had lunch. Lunch was really yummy (I had some alfredo tortellini and salad). I then went to the icebreaker activity that Global Citizen Year planned for us. And now I am in my dorm room after having had a nice shower. 

Since I actually started the program, I think the fact that I will be away from home is hitting me. I don’t think I told my family this thought, but I will definitely miss them. 

Right now though, I am very tired and sleepy, but I wanted to write down something today so that I can have something to look back on after my gap year is over (and so that if anyone was curious, they could know about my day hahahaha). Anyways, I am going to go to bed now.

Love you guys lots,


P.S. I started freaking out when I saw that Julie Lythcott-Haims will be a guest speaker this week. I LOVE her memoir Real American. That book completely changed how I viewed myself as a biracial teenager and person. Reading her book made me feel proud to be me.