Confessions of an awful person

I feel so bad haha, when I go home people are gonna ask me about all the crazy things I did and experienced.

Sad to say but I have a pretty normal life.
I have a family- mom, dad, brothers, sister in laws, neice, and nephew
I had a job that I was terrible at. (Love my kids though) 
I have my daily habits of watching Jai Mahal and a nice nap after work.
Insert a cow here or there and you have my experience in India. 
Boring right?
And the only (well maybe not ONLY but one of the most prevalent) epiphanies I had about life were about how terrible of a person I am.
Nope, not exaggerating either. 
I realized how chronically disorganized I was.
How remarkably lazy I could be
Irresponsible as all hell
You couldn’t pay me to be accountable for ANYTHING
How negative, rude, not to mention vapid I could be
My selfishness was top notch too
I was a mess. 
I wanted friends but I was never there for people until I needed it. 
I wanted opportunities but when they came I neglected them with no conscience.
Handling responsibilities were simply not a priority
But all of this came at a price 
I’ve missed out on some amazing opprotunities, lost some really good friends, and overall created a legacy of mediocrity. 
It was a hard pill to swallow, but now…I see why so much “effort” (barely trying then whining about it) I put in didn’t work out in the past. 
All I can say is, thank GOD I took this year to learn all this about myself. I probably saved my entire college career.
Not even joking about that.
The first step to recovery is acknowledgement. What a beautiful step it has been.