Christmas Poem

That was my third Christmas away from home, and the past three years have been different, I miss the vibes, my family and their love and affection, home is the best place to be. I was curious about Christmas traditions here in Brazil, and  when it was the time, I felt home, because Christmas is time for family, is time of kindness, time to be happy, Christmas is happiness and that is what I found here, the sense of belonging can not be fully met, but that reminds me of who I am and where I come from and the roads I took. During Christmas eve, I wrote and  read a poem to my family and to our friends, my host Dad asked if I would be reading us a poem, and I said of course, but I did not prepare a poem, but in the context of what was happening in that day and the fact that the next day was Christmas, I wrote a poem, and my host Mom got emotional while I was reading it, because I talked about her and her day and it also fit everyone and the ocasion, I wrote the poem in Portuguese. And I decided to share it here, also with our Christmas photos 



Tempo de muita fartura

Tempo de felicidade

Tempo de estar com a família

Tempo de ficar com gente que a gente se apega

Comendo o arroz grega da mamãe

Ser carinhoso

Ser Feliz

Comendo a mousse de maracujá gostosa 

Tempo de ficar com amigos

Amigos especiais e amados 

Natal é felicidade, Natal é amor

Natal hoje, Natal amanhã

Natal para sempre