Christmas in Zuleta

Lydia Crush - Ecuador

December 26, 2011

Christmas in Zuleta? Didn’t she change towns? Why is she in Zuleta for Christmas?

Yes I did move, but my sisters and cousins were invited up to Zuleta on Christmas Day.

As we drove through, and out of, Ibarra I was snapping pictures already.

Half-way up to Zuleta. This is a wide part of the road.

Buses pass each other going to and from Ibarra. If you’d want to you can touch the other bus when they pass. (But don’t, because having one hand less isn’t very helpful.)

Tilling the field and a white bird flying over.

Piglets up at my cousin’s farm in Zuleta.

You can see Cayambe from almost every place in Zuleta.

My cousins and sister and my cousin’s horse.

A guitar in my cousin’s house. And it sounds as nice as it looks too.

Gorgeous flower. But, multiply that by a few thousand…

What a luxury to munch on flowers that look that nice.

Birds flying over us around sunset.

Then a rapturous sunset itself. I miss Zuletan sunsets.

Merry Christmas from Zuleta!

(All photos taken by yours truly.)

Lydia Crush