Capoeria Através dos Olohs de uma Gringa.

'Através doa Olohs de uma Gringa' or 'Through the Eyes of a Gringa' is a good representation of how I view my time here. Even more so in Capoeira, because as a tradition each person is given a nickname that describes a trait of theirs. We do not use actual names because in the past the sport was outlawed, due to its association with slavery and violence. Therefore, Capoeiristas used nick names to not get found out. There was only one name I was ever going to be given…and that was…Gringa. At first I was not so happy with name, but it has evolved to become part of my identity here that I love!!

You must be wondering what the heck I am talking about? What is this Capoeira? Could it be some kind of Cap-wearing malarky?
Well to show you all exactly what I have been doing here, I have made a video!! This is my unprofessional video in which I collected videos and picture from September 2015 to February 2016. Its done through my English eyes, and shows my participation in the sport I love. Hope you enjoy it.
Enquanto no meu Global Citizen Year no Brasil Vim para adorar o seu desporto tradicional: Capoeira. Este é o meu post que mostra uma pequena coleção de vídeos e fotos a partir de setembro de 2015 a fevereiro de 2016. Seu feito através dos meus olhos ingleses. Espero que goste.