Cap Stone Reflection

For my capstone project I decided to do a video compilation of my community and all the people I met. While making it and watching it before I posted it filled me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and sadness. Seeing all the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet and all the amazing experiences I had, made all of the bad moments disappear. It also made me wish I had taken photos of the smaller things, the old unreliable buses, my walk to work or the scenery.  
This evening as well as finishing my capstone I listened to about 10 minutes of voice messages from my host mom as well as my host sister singing the Barbie song that we sang during Carnaval.
I am now wishing more than ever to be back in Brazil, living in Garopaba surrounded by all my friends and family speaking Portuguese. I learnt so much in the last eight months about the world and myself, so much knowledge that I will never forget. If I could go back and do it all again right now I would. I grew as a person and became as Isaac would say "comfortable with the uncomfortable".
Thank you all for your support during this year, and a special thanks to GCY and Marcella.
Amo todos de voces e quero voltar para o Brasil mutio rapido!