Bring it on

Goodbyes are hard. Goodbye to my friends who have grown up with me for the past eighteen years. Goodbye to my family; the semi-regular family dinners and overly-competitive boardgames we all fight to win.  Goodbye to my comfortable lifestyle and a routine I’ve grown to know all too well.

As my days at home dwindle, so does the distance I built up in my mind about opening a new chapter in my life. From the moment I decided to go on a gap year, it never crossed my mind that the time would actually come for me to watch friends overuse their Bed Bath and Beyond scanner-guns as I sat on the sidelines watching. It’s weird! I don’t know how else to express this feeling. I’m not sad, anxious, or really super excited to press the restart button; but I know I’m ready.

As my younger brother enters his junior year, I can appreciate the seemingly endless reading, writing, and time-sucking mindless exercises he is about to enjoy. Piedmont taught me work ethic and time management skills. It taught me how to persevere through activities I may not enjoy in the moment. It’s weird to think that not even three months after graduation I am getting nostalgic about high school. I always thought I was the type who could easily put high school behind me, guess not!

Hello to new friends from all different walks of life I will meet for the first time on Sunday. Hello to my Ecuadorian family who will introduce me to a new culture and set of traditions beyond the Bay’s horizon. Hello to the unknown. I have three words for you: Bring it on.