Bound Together by Dirt

Tasha Torres - Senegal

May 14, 2013

Being dirty has taken on a whole new meaning since coming to Senegal. Before, dirty was spilling something on your clean clothes, not bathing when your body odor suggested that you do otherwise, Not having dirt covered clothing/shoes. Practicing good hygiene!

Eight months later and what it means to be dirty is completely changed!

(Here are a few examples)

  • When you look down at your feet and think wow I have a really deep tan until your feet come in contact with water and you think oh nevermind it was just dirt.
  • While washing your clothes for the umpteenth time and you say eh that’s clean enough.
  • Despite numerous showers you can scratch your skin and your still covered in grime.
  • How you are somehow always covered in a layer of red dirt.
  • During your bucket shower you notice the trail of brown water falling from your body to the drain
  • When you don’t feel like showering because your just going to get dirty again.
  • When absolutely everything is brown (color has lost meaning)
  • When you wear the same clothes 2 or 3 days at a time
  • When you can pet goats, dogs, sheep, donkeys, cows, monkeys, and frogs without worrying about having to wash your hand after.
  • When you drink water that has random things floating in it.
  • When you are covered in paint and consider yourself clean when about half of it is off.

Ive been so surrounded by dirt and covered n it all of the time that ive just learned to deal with it. It’s a tad bit freeing not worrying about how I look or if my clothes are wrinkled or dirt covered. Although I miss being clean I don’t want to give this up.

Tasha Torres