Born Again

With a fresh pile of trash (no plastic, hopefully) burning out by the kitchen, I sit here, reflecting more than writing, mentally digesting some the dreams I have had over the last 19 years. Now, you may ask me if I have found God in the Andes or if I have been doing yoga every day and the answer to both is no; I have simply found the level of comfort in my community needed to achieve a relaxed state of mind and reflect on my experience.

I have been recently pondering this as I think about my host father, with his weekly business ideas ranging from a chemical-free liquid fertilizer to how he will single-handedly take back the Ecuadorian economy from the rapid takeover by our best friend in the Far East, China. By deciding to take a bridge year, I have dragged myself into the midst of it all, and it has given new light to all the hopes and dreams of my childhood, most long-forgotten or dismissed as impractical. You can’t do that