Blog Entry Three

I’ve been contemplating for a while  what to write my next blog about, and I came to the conclusion that pictures speak more than a thousand words, and hence I will show you my first month through them!

Life in the village is very chill, and people would often just sit under a tree a whole day. This is where I would spend a lot of my afternoons either reading or just thinking.

A picture of me when I first met my mom and my oldest sister! Apart from them I have a 17 year old sister, a 10 year old sister, 15 year old twins, and a 6 year old brother. I couldn’t be luckier with my host family and I’m growing very fond of them!

This image is the first thing I see every morning. Both trees are mango trees, so I am very excited for mango season to come!

Meet Bertha, the enormous baobab tree where the fellows in my region and I would sometimes come and hang out together. Baobab trees are one of my favourite things in Senegal and Bertha is just amazingly big!

Just wanted to share how amazing sunsets are in Senegal!

We went to Lac Rose! Although the lake was not exactly pink because it is very seasonal, it was still beautiful and we had a lot of fun!

This is my friend Kevin from Argentina, we were making Attaya; which is basically green tea with A LOT of sugar and people would drink this every day in Senegal. It is amazing!

I went to the beach with the Young Catholic group in my village and it was beautiful. It was a very interesting experience because I got to hang out with people my age and start to form connections with them!