Blog 3

My family makes me feel at home they know I don’t really like talking in Wolof or at all. Like I went to work for carpentry 10-3pm. And my family went to this big gathering. So it’s dinner time (9:45ish) my brothers and I are exhausted exhausted from the heat from the heat and not eating three meals. So out (yay) which is mom calls our names and we know it’s time to eat. So we’re sitting down and I look at my brother Allen with death eyes while they pass out the forks. Every nice sized piece of food they made me split it with them. And mind you we had some guest plus maids over so it’s 8 of us eat out of the one dish so it was eat fast or go to sleep hungry 😂😂 so now it’s my two brothers and me and my (bi) which is Dad  and my yay but she’s not really eating just chillin. So the battle of the boys so we can relax and talk not for me they told me to stop talking and eat and they started talking idk what they was saying but they were laughing and something about English so I said shh no talking eat then everyone laughed. 

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