2 months left in Senegal. 60 days to say my goodbyes. 1,440 hours to love my family as hard as I can. 86,400 minutes to come to the realization that I won’t be spending my days anymore in my favorite place in the world with the best people. 


5 months spent in Senegal. 153 days I’ve spent learning everything I can. 3,672 hours I’ve spent trying to find my way. 220,320 minutes I’ve spent loving. 


For some fellows the time may have not gone fast enough, but for me it has been the fastest 5 months of my life. There’s nothing I can do to make time slow down and it is heartbreaking to me. The last day with my family may be one of the roughest days I’m ever going to have. But we aren’t there yet, so I will make the most of my time while I can.


And now I have even less time left, but I got to spend it writing this blog surrounded by my beautiful family. 


I hope everyone enjoys the short read! 

Thank you,

Hadley Duquette