With a loud BANG I momentarily left my petrified Shih Tzu who I’d recently assumed had a phobia of loud noises to the point where she’d run down the steps to our front door.


I quickly ran, like an overly hyper child and entered my balcony upon which I was immediately greeted by the colorful burst of another firecracker erupting from the street beside my own.


Mind you, though it was August now, my neighbors, like me, had a great liking for fireworks and wanted to have the firework show they’d been deprived on the actual Fourth of July due to a convenient downpour right when fireworks were beginning. A downpour within which I sat in for a good 15 minutes expecting the fireworks to continue anyway but was greatly disappointed when only distant fireworks could be heard.

But, I digress.


Last night, staring in awe at fireworks I pretended I never saw before, my eyes drifted to the sky beyond the show and I was encompassed. Stars.

Glistening in the sky like sprinkles, I stared at the “tiny” balls of light not only because they were stars but because they represented beyond. They represented what little space even Earth occupied in this vast array of universe. And I was enthralled.

So enthralled that I considered dropping my hopes and dreams of becoming a psychologist to alternatively become an astronomer.


Stars are so beautiful.


Until recently, I’d never seen a star a day in my life, that is, in the first-person.


My home, New York City was just too bright in “progress, insomnia, and excitement” that not a single star could ever be seen. Sure, the sky was there, it always was but the beauty within it… one living here couldn’t do anything but question, “what is a star?”


Hence, today, I look to humanity in complete awe at its infatuation with “progress”.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go on a tirade over the “disconnect” between humanity due to smartphones’ development for I am guilty as well.


However, I am not guilty for stoicism.

The state within which one feels nothing and is void of sympathy and compassion.


Whether it is fueled from the presidential race taking place, racial persecution, or environmental instability, my melancholy is defined from the reality that we cannot stop for a single second and look at the world for what it is.


Not as a vessel from which we as minor organisms may purge it of all its resources in narcissistic surplus but a form of which is a temporary home of which has been abused, neglected, and abandoned through millennia and is sending us her last warnings before she herself can no longer protect us.


I also am amazed how, when thinking how we are all bound for…passing away, we still spend so much more time on soulless materials rather than our own brethren. In this field, I also admit my problem with this circumstance as I sometimes spend more time on games than I do with my own family but not for purposes of manipulation as some businessmen would do with some ingenious customers.


And to decipher my meaning when I say what we are bound for, I mean that, when we do leave this Earth, will having the most successful business in the world, the shiniest diamond, the most purple grape… would that matter over who you were, not what you made?

Here’s an example. A palace only selects good people to live in its kingdom. One day, an evil man approaches the gates and wants access. He’s infamous for reigning terror on everyone he meets but he has an angelical daughter… Does that mean the palace should give him automatic access because he made something so great when he was still a horrible person?


I’m sorry if that was a tragic analogy but what I mean in simpler terms is that I do not believe it will not matter what things you made in life; it’s who you’ve been in life because I do not think oblivion gives you time to pack everything you want before you leave… just a thought.



Coming to the point where I say that I’d much rather live in a simpler state as the one’s of prehistoric times. But wait, please. Before any “hoopla” begins, I must clarify that I would like to live in times like prehistoric ones. I do not want to live in times identical to prehistoric times. For example, one wants to live in a country like Acirema but they do not want to have corrupt government officials like Acirema has hence they move to Canada because it’s like Acirema.

I would like to live in a place that doesn’t contain as much complexity and turmoil but rather simplicity and tranquility. A place Before


“Why did you bring up stars, then?”

Because once upon a time, I wouldn’t have to travel to rural areas to see such simple things; I wouldn’t have to pay to see them [as one is indirectly by taking car or public transportation] but today, I do. Why?

Because the lovely light pollution that “progress” brings also drowns out the beauty that was there in the first place; nature. The rightful owner. From with brute force, was the greatest loss.


…Heard of colonization?




August 8, 2016

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