Priyanka Rao - Ecuador

October 1, 2011

I have been very proud to learn how to ask questions, not only questions that arise in the end-of-a-chapter Review, but the ones that actually reflect what I am thinking.  The ones that reflect the true issues that complicate me, but also questions that can bring out very interesting answers.  Effective questions.  They give me more to work with, actually increase my knowledge.  I mean, forget vast awareness, I am actually gathering specific evidence of the world, and its amazing.  I love it.  I have asked more questions than ever before, I’ve asked to join in the factual discussion of the world.

Argue to agree, to get more out of conversations- that drives me.  New realizations, observations, discoveries, and no need to keep it all because it’s all there once I’ve asked.  I can see more, and its amazing.  I’ve tried cereal, boiled eggs, Mote (popped maize), and not disliked a single one of them.  It’s absurd.  I’m discovering new sides of me as though my dislike of nuts and socks were merely facades.  “I like” is a bad phrase for what should I not like? To ask you must be prepared to hear an answer, you must be able to listen, and to listen you must be able to believe.

Priyanka Rao